The Traveller.

Like the Centaur Strong and Willed. Like an Archer,tensed and accurate

On this path that I trod

Ashamed nix of my pride

Afraid not of whence cometh I strength

Ashamed not of the voice steady in my head

Ashamed not of the spirits around

Ashamed not of the parts of nature

Though illegal,by men so made and done

Assured I am,of the great gifts ahead

Afraid not of the men and their situations

Assured I am of the protection plan

So gather around and let’s move forth.

Strong Entourage.

Confidence now.

I went back to the time when I lost all belief

The days when my eyes were closed and I moved as if in sleep

I move back to the time I was condemned and ridiculed

The noise was loud and my senses were emptied

Yet I could not understand why I was pitied

It was what I deserved,I had no reason to be vexed

The noise got even louder,confusing confusion with madness

Then I met Him. He asked me to open the doors

Or at least to lower the shutters

He even pushed me to loosen the holding fetters

And that I walk with my hands in the airs

By this I realized I had made it up myself

The situation and the start.

👑 Crowned.

The ancestors are my entourage ✊By that I am fearless.

I was broken but now I have been mended

Having been below,now above I rise in all pride

Once hurt but cleared by the doctor as a matter of fact,

He referred to I as a patient so Healed

I stepped out into the open and they asked,

“Aren’t you the man who loved and had peace in vain and was marked as tard?”

But like the sea,the waves of hitting water are mine

The rising and falling of the tides are mine,

To control and accept.

I am healed. Now I can see better with my three eyes.

Beauty and the Weak.


She brought me beauty wrapped in a flower

But the pollen was my allergy

My breathing got slower

The vision became scattered and foggy

In it’s cage,my heart beat faster

Then I lost all my strategy

Being so,I lost some of my power

I knew pollen triggered the allergy

I kept silence. For I can’t utter against the flower

Or the owner of the beauty.

For as simple as it is stated,

Beauty makes I the weakest.

Land of the Blinds.

The moment you realize you need to open your eyes and turn around,then will the Monster be Slain ✊

Yes I am from those lands where all men pretend to be blind

Men who pretend they can’t see what has them in binds

Where Kings lost dynasties and Queens forget of their heritage

But then I am here,amidst the mass of all these blinds

For darkness cannot be swept from a room,I introduce light

I am here.

To remind you of who we were,are and to be.

Dark Days.

Purity of Interest. ✊

Do you remember the dark days of slavery

When they tried to wash my Father’s minds completely

When they filled the air with stench and stories of folly

When they had them in chains of whom now I pay respect and honor willingly

It was the time we had our hearts turned against our God fully

And our backs against our brothers who had our interest

Do you remember when the lion was about to die?

And he did not allow his heart to cry?

I am here

He who is fearless of blowing the horn. You have to wake up

Rally round.

No longer Bereft

The key to resistance is your mind,your thoughts and your attitudes

Now that I can control these,

I know there is no way

No one can break the resistance.

**Don’t be fooled to close your third eye.**